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Build your forms and we'll send them.
Reduce time by using without build any backend for your forms.

Amazing tool!

If you need Contact Forms on landing pages then this is a great deal for you.

You can use it with Landing pages tools and of course static html sites.

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<input type="text" name="name">

<input type="text" surname="surname">

<input type="email" email="email">

<textarea name="message"></textarea>

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How it works

The simplest way to send your forms without building a backend


Create your HTML form or use any builder.


Send your Form via Endpoint.


Save and list the requests and get instant notifications.

We provide a backend for your Forms

Save developer hours without building your own backend. Use


Easy backend for your forms

Send your Contact Forms

You don't have to worry about the backend anymore, build your own forms and send them to


list form requests

Submissions are saved to

Your form requests will be stored on our platform, you can list them at any time, export and see reports.


Stay connected with your audience

Receive instant notifications

Be notified every time your form has a new submission. We have integrations with Slack, Telegram, Emails, and more!

Power for your forms

for all your forms.


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Free to get started. Fully functional

  • Unlimited endpoints
  • 5.000 submissions per month
  • Slack notifications
  • Telegram notifications
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6,95 $ / month


Full potential. Access to all Premium features

  • All basic features
  • + 50.000 submissions per month
  • File uploads
  • Endpoint custom fields rules
  • reCaptcha validation
  • Email notifications
  • CSV Export
  • Integromat connection
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Our users experience about in words.

If you need Contact Forms on landing pages then this is a great deal for you.

You can use it with Landing pages tools and of course static html sites.

EZnl - AppSumo LTD


It is already more than worth it's cost.

Joe R. - AppSumo LTD

Amazing tool!
If you need to setup any Contact form, Surveys, Job Applications, or any kind of form, this is your tool.

Highly recommended.

Roc B. - Professional Plan
QuitNow (Fewlaps)

This is a developer's dream...

This tool takes it to the next level with both pricing and limits.

The ability to set up a form quickly with a bit of code. Instead of fighting with other API forms like web3forms, formcake, or 99inbound, leaving you with only the bare essentials to get your form up and running in no time.

Abd K. - Professional Plan